Business writing samples
economic action needed
escorting workers out
holiday happiness
another test for the ‘lipstick factor’
thermo fisher to close plant
Beytien business feature and Beytien business feature page 2

Award winners
heartland story
deere cuts 220 jobs
city facing rental crisis
meet american trust’s chief elevator operator
going to make it
working on the night shift

wartime leave – A report on an eastern Iowa soldier’s effort to return home before his mother’s death.
chamber credit cards – A look at one local chamber of commerce’s policy regarding personal use of credit cards.

to vacation or not – Comparing the vacation practices of workers around the globe, featuring interviews with workers in the U.S. and Europe.
far from rwanda – A couple in southwest Wisconsin provide a haven for refugees fleeing genocide in Rwanda.

white house press pool– Coverage from a day-long trip in the White House press pool, August 2011.
a day in the presidential bubble – Column about serving in the White House press pool.
lessons learned – Federal representatives from three Midwest states discuss stands on an August, 2011 debt ceiling vote.

dressing for success – Beware of fading fashion trends and shoulder pads.
the king’s speech – A look at the brilliant music selection in the 2010 film.

Regional news coverage
houses, tears fall in elkport – The last houses in two tiny Iowa towns impacted by repeated flooding are cleared away as part of a FEMA buyout program.
mcgraw-hill group shelter from the storm

Breaking news
trapped teen pulled from cave
hopes and dreams sink in a sea of mud
Iowa towns battered in storm

sky-high choreography

church can support people with mental illness
volunteers contribute to catholic, social ministries
still dancing
Logitrans on a good path

Copyrights: Telegraph Herald, The Catholic Messenger, Material Handling Wholesaler

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